Cash & Carly

Alligator!!!!! ~~~Carly

So as summer is just around the corner and we have mover to Hampton Roads from a colder climate (I think Pittsburgh area is considered)…….it is no secret that “Death by Alligator” is a real thing to me. There is this beautiful pond behind our building, but at night creeps me out… seeing this totally…


Favorite pizza when we visited our hometown ;)~~~CARLY

We all have our favorite local favorite foods, Brunos Pizza is one of my all-time favorite, pizza places….So we ordered the biggest one they have and I was the first one to tap into it………what’s yours? Looking for a new favorite Pizza place here in Hampton Roads……….

cody johnson

Cody Johnson Sold Out The Norva On Saturday Night! ~ CASH

Texas musician Cody Johnson sold out the Nora on Saturday night! Cody Johnson rolled into Hampton Roads on Saturday night and sold out the world famous Norva in beautiful downtown Norfolk. For a guy who is known as the biggest country music star that you’ve never heard of, you could have fooled with me with…


Soooooo…….this is my weekend in West Virginia…..~~~Carly

Had to head back home to check on and open the pool, this is the start, I will be posting pics as it continues to change for the summer….but this is the beginning…..I really miss sitting next to it with some Margaritas and neighbors….looking forward to meeting new people and making friends in Hampton Roads…..…

Miranda FB 5

Miranda Lambert’s 2 Million Dollar New York City apartment~~~Carly

Can money buy you happiness? According to Chris Janson “it can buy me a boat, it can buy me a truck to pull it”…….I’m going with YES, money can buy you happiness…….I’ll probably never know that for sure though UGH……. Miranda reportedly bought a 2 million dollar New York apartment according to The Daily Mail…


Pickled eggs, Anyone???? ~~~~Carly

Recently Cash and I had a conversation about pickled foods. I read that those foods are good for “Gut health”! Bar pickled eggs also came up which just about made Cash gag, but these particular ones were on a shelf by the Checkout at a recent Wal-Mart…….would you???? Could you?????


Parents Looking For A Harry Potter Themed Tutor To Help Child. – CASH

Parents are looking for a Harry Potter themed tutor to help their child. Calling all unemployed Harry Potter fans! This could be the ultimate dream gig for our witches and wizards in training. You’ve also got to be smarty pants at pretty much all laboratory science courses. So, basically, they’re looking for a Walter White…


Mothers Day was awesome ~~~Carly

So, Mother’s Day has come and gone, and once again my Husband has gotten the perfect gift for me. But first, shout out to Luke Combs for the beautiful song……..


Stephen King says, “IT: Chapter 2” Is Going To Be Amazing! – CASH

Stephen King says, “IT: Chapter 2” is going to be amazing! Of course, he would say that about his own story, right? Wrong! Stephen King usually doesn’t comment nor like any of the projects they have taken from him and turned them into full feature films. You heard what he said about “The Shining” back…

Did Meghan Markle name the Royal Baby after her Dead Cat? – Carly

So, a Royal Baby has been born and officially has a name. Archie is the Name Dutchess of Sussex picked. Some say it’s an old family name, however, sources say that Meghans dead cat was named Archie.   View this post on Instagram   Paying tribute to all mothers today – past, present, mothers-to-be, and…


Sooo….Cash is my new neighbor -Carly

Today is the 7 weeks that we have been here in Hampton Roads, Cash has had this much time to look for a place to live. Of all of the places here Cash is literally going to be my new neighbor Now I will now be looking directly onto his patio????? hahahahaha!!!!!!    


My Review Of “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.” – Cash

My review of “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.” I find it a big relief that Zac Efron has grown up to be a decent dramatic actor. I didn’t think he had it in him, to be perfectly honest. Usually, when you start out working at Disney, you end up with a ton of problems…

restaurant picture

I Finally Tried Some Avocado Toast Over The Weekend… – Cash

I finally tried some avocado toast over the weekend. How does the saying go, “A day late and a dollar short?” Something like that, I believe. It only took me two years to get on the avocado toast train and I’m still not too sure what to think about the whole thing? After our Mom…


“Mad Max: Fury Road” Named Best Film Of The Decade- Cash

“Mad Max: Fury Road” named the best film of the decade. The Summer blockbuster season is here! Besides “Avengers,” what else are you looking forward to watching this year? “Sonic the Hedgehog,” perhaps? I was talking to my 8-year-old son and he said it looks pretty, “sick!” I believe him! Indiewire released their end of…

alien or f 18

4 Hours later we get an answer to the BOOM BOOM – Carly

Ok, so here we are a day and a half later and it took 24 hours for the confirmation on the BOOM, it was an F-18 that rocked the entire Hampton Roads area. Too bad for Cash, he truly believes in Alien life forms here on earth 🙁 Whattttttt??????? There’s got to be more to…

stop light

Some Traffic Lights In Hampton Roads Never Turn Green! -Cash

Some traffic lights in Hampton Roads never turn green! Remember the scene in a Christmas Story where Ralphie’s Dad goes down to fight with the furnace? That’s the way I feel with some of the stop lights here in Hampton Roads. The good news, if you have a regular life schedule and you don’t drive…


I Will Be Dancing For PAWS! -Cash

I will be dancing or PAWS! I’ve always envisioned myself at some point taking over a dance floor as John Travolta did in “Saturday Night Fever.” I’m no disco dancer, but I think I can cut a rug, decently. No, seriously, I think I’ve got some moves. I would never say that unless I really…